WIrespeed Security Domains using Optical Monitoring

WISDOM is designed to develop advanced optical components necessary for photonic firewalls. This will involve the development of novel optical processing modules which will be placed at the front end of the node firewall to provide the primary optical information filtering - operating at wirespeed (40Gbit/s per channel) – which includes operations such as optical packet recognition, interrogation and manipulating data streams incorporating features of parity checking, flag status, and header recognition.

Secondary processing would then be done electronically as is currently the case, but with the benefit of a reduction in the electronic processing

These photonic firewalls will operate using novel algorithms and protocols, to extract and process wirespeed security information in high capacity multichannel (Tb/s) networks. The algorithms will combine the functionality of optical processing with secondary electronic security approaches to introduce new layers of security analysis.

Optical processing circuits developed under WISDOM have shown that it is possible to carry out high speed optical pattern matching on data running at 40Gbits/s for target patterns up to 256 bits using only three logic gates.

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